Monday, April 11, 2011

Cultivating niches through music in community specific videos

This is a whitewater kayaking video that is incredibly popular among the paddling community. I realize that it is not 'viral' in the sense that millions have seen it, but it is still popular because those people within this sport niche know this athlete specifically, and consider the film important and worth watching.
The songs featured in the soundtrack to this film have since become more popular, and perhaps the few people who were originally interested in the music itself have since become aware of the video. My question is this: how do music and movies relate? For example, how do particular music niches, which may happen to be utilized in a popular film, end up transferring their fans into the group of fans of the film? Or vice versa: do movie lovers end up becoming fans of the musical artists featured in the movie?
The song I am talking about begin at 3:30ish...


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  2. That is an interesting question about the connection between particular songs and communities of dedicated athletes. especially because folks tend to watch these types of videos over and over, even if they did not like the music at first they might come to like it after enough exposure.

  3. here is another song / sport video combination

  4. Here is a video of some people base jumping in Switzerland