Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evolution of musical tastes

On Monday we talked about the 'long tail' and various related ideas.  One neat idea was that we are revealing our true tastes as the supply of cultural stuff expands into the long tail of long tails.  So, please post comments with links to songs hosted on YouTube to help us explore a diverse range of songs that folks can now enjoy.  Feel free to include songs from the tail and from the popular head of the distribution.

Adam Rafferty has a bunch of groovy songs, here is one of my favorites:  The Chameleon


  1. I am mainly posting this because I know that Rachel HATES Glee. But aside from that, this is just an example of how this show is popularized through the singing of other people's songs; and they are making money by selling c.d.'s of their versions of these songs. This not only brings attention to the show, but it also brings attention back to the original songs.


  2. I just ran across this video on Reddit - similar sort of thing, guy plays cello while beat boxing - very impressive.