Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tasks for Wednesday

The Group Processes Database lists readings and videos that have been included in the Fall 2009 (coded gray in the reference column) or our current session of 419/519 (coded yellow in the reference column).   Open that spread sheet in google docs and take a look at it.    Everyone has been asked to complete two tasks:

  1. Identify one of the summaries that you contributed to from the first 5 weeks of the course.  Create an entry for it in the data base.  See examples starting with record # 45.   Make sure you include a link to the resource that you created (google doc write up or blog entry).   Take the time to identify relevant keywords for the "Concept" columns.    See examples from both 2009 and 2011 that have already been posted.
  2. Review the lecture from Monday: 
    1. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/999071/GP.Lecture2.pdf
    2. Note that the readings from 2009 fall into 6 subgroups: 
      1. Research methods (yellow highlight concepts in data base)
      2. Technology (red highlight)
      3. Online community (blue highlight)
      4. Social networks (pink highlight)
      5. Collective action (orange highlight)
      6. Social psychology (green)
    3. The readings from 2011 seem to add one major category
      1. Markets and costs (purple)
    4. Your task is to look into identifying potential readings that you want to read and write an abstract for Monday about.   The reading needs to deal with one of the four substantive categories that are central to group processes research: 
      1. Social networks (pink highlight)
      2. Collective action (orange highlight)
      3. Social psychology (green)
      4. Markets and costs (purple)
    5. To turn in your suggestion, fill out an entry in the database-- as demonstrated by Kyrstal and Kristine.   
      1. After you submit the suggestion (including a link to the resource) I will inspect it and either approve it or suggest that you offer another option.   
      2. When your entry is approved I will highlight it in green (i.e. you get a greenlight) and type that it is approved as demonstrated by both Krystal and Kristine's entries. 
    6. Your suggested readings should either be papers that explain or use foundational theory in the field of group processes, or empirical studies that use such theory or core concepts.   
      1. Kristine's addresses social capital (a core concept in social network research)
      2. Krystal's employs a model using status characteristics (a core area social psychology related area of group processes research)
      3. If you have questions you can ask them in the comments of this post.
Further details: 
  1. Make your suggested readings by class time on Wednesday.  
  2. Sign ups for presentations (5 min max) for Mon and Wed of week 8 will be held in class on Wednesday.
  3. Written versions of your abstracts are due on Monday before class (regardless of day you present)
  4. The template for the abstract is online here: http://bit.ly/lvCi8V
  5. An example of a good abstract from last year is item #24 in the database. (on Chwe's explanation of culture and common knowledge). 
  6. Bring your questions to class on Wednesday.

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