Friday, October 9, 2009

Ya' know what? Doughnut!

Our course considers the social implications of technological change. In normal classes students complete assignments, and the teacher grades the assignment and gives it back. End of story. In our class, students create contributions, which are either shared with the other students, or shared to world via this blog.

In addition to hopefully providing some interesting insights to the world, our class contributions have generated doughnuts! Via adsense, our class has earned enough money to buy doughnuts for our Friday class meeting, this week and next.

Next week students will be presenting their mid quarter group projects. And we will have some fresh ideas based on their original research. Please consider following the blog to check out our fresh produce!

I "monetized" the blog with Google Adsense as an experiment. I had read about the micropayment, targeted add model in "The Search" by John Battelle. I was also interested in the "game changing" potential of both the advertising model and the democratized publication model. So far, the process has been empowering for our class-- it is cool to think that our efforts can be monetized for our collective benifit, or more accurately doughnutized!


  1. Those doughnuts pretty much made my day!

  2. I have started using AdSense on another blog I am involved with because of the example from 419/519!

    Thank again for getting the doughnuts!