Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. MySpace & CNN Article

Here is a graphic from the Chicago Tribune that compares the number of unique users per month for Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace from 2007 to 2009. Maybe one of the groups will find this useful, I think it is interesting to see when Facebook became more popular.


Also, here is a CNN article about a new book that looks at social networking. The article overlaps a lot of what we have talked about in class and they even use a screen shot of the facebook app we talked about in class (the one that creates the chart of your social network)


  1. I find it interesting that MySpace seems to be slowing down and declining in the number of unique users per month, while Twitter is gaining- possibly making up for the decline in MySpace??


  2. I think the decline is also related to the growth in the centrality of Facebook.

    Also-- myspace has less control over who can see you (typically) and as Joey's post pointed out, many people prefer to be more private, or at least only open to known others.

  3. I find it very interesting that when facebook first came out, only college students were on it, then high school students, and then everybody was getting facebook. As more people were changing to facebook, I had many of my friends from myspace close their account because they liked facebook better.

  4. But Facebook's development pretty much ensured that its audience would be primarily college students - and then high school students. When FB finally opened up to everyone, I remember it being a big hairy deal that it was going to "turn into Myspace." That didn't exactly happen - but people did migrate over.

    Because of the way the FB system originated, people's core networks are going to be the ones they know from school, who they are likely to be more comfortable presenting an open self to. I find myspace increasingly irrelevant to me, because I only have one friend on there who I wish to talk to that is not on FB (this person did not attend college, which is on par with most of his social network - so he sees no need to use FB).

  5. Here is another CNN article, it talks about the divide between MySpace and Facebook. Pretty interesting stuff, especially some of the demographic data they pulled.