Monday, September 28, 2009

Sociology or graphic design?

Social network mapping has the fantastic capability to transform otherwise abstract and nebulous networks of interpersonal connections into concrete, easily observable systems of nodes and edges.  This system of analysis uses complex mathematical algorithms to offer us unprecedented insight into the nature of large-scale social dynamics.  A great deal of information about innovations in mapping technology are available online, such as this one offered by slashdot: 

The site design site specializes in displaying visually beautiful and organizationally innovative examples of this analytic tool.  Included below are a few examples; visit to see more.  Think of it as educational eye candy.

Here is a chart of co-authorships between physicists who have published works pertaining to social networking:

Here is one researcher's attempt to map the social connections she make over a five month period after moving from Germany to London:

This quasi-celestial tangle of edges maps "reveals cross connections between conversations on Twitter."

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